Monday, January 24, 2011

Poster Dump

This time last year I was working on designing my first real screen print, but it wasn't until this weekend that I got to put it onto paper.
These posters are 26" by 15" with 3 colors; brown, gold, and black on white.
They will be for sale at the actual event on February 18, or feel free to shoot me an email if you can't make it and would still like a Fast Times poster.

...and I have a series of test prints started up, hopefully they will result in a few one-of-a-kind collages of various prints after a couple of months...

I still have a few Cannabis Corpse posters that I designed for their show at Carabar this past summer. I never really put proper information about these on my blog, so I figured I might as well now before they all disappear! There are 3 left, 8 colors, and are approximately 25" by 15" for $25.

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