Monday, July 25, 2011

Der Froschkönig: The Frog Prince

It has been a couple months in the works but I can finally show you one of my most time consuming projects to date. Earlier this year I was approached by fellow print lover, Keith Rose, about creating work for a potential online gallery he was starting called Deqqo. Deqqo commissions designers and fine artists working in the screen printing medium to create works reinterpreting classic folklore stories familiar in popular American culture. I was immediately excited about this project considering mythology and symbolism are things I have always loved exploring in my work and I thought the story of The Frog Prince would be a good place to start. I liked the idea of going back to the roots of these original tales and finding important details that have become lost over time when being watered down for popular American audiences. In this case the original tale, Der Froschkönig, has early Germanic roots, and told a much darker story than the one we are familiar with, where an act of violence sparked the transformation instead of an act of love. With this piece I wanted to create an image that depicted the frog at the exact moment of transformation, with the entire story at that point flashing before his eyes as he began to morph from frog to prince.

Print specs: 3 color screen print on Banana Split French Paper,  24" x 18", limited edition of 125, signed and numbered.

Keep an eye out for more Deqqo folklore prints by: Richie Raygun, Simone Noronha, Bandito Design Co., Miles Tsang, and Coey Kuhn

*UPDATE: Prints are available for purchase through!

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