Friday, July 13, 2012


Well, after seeing quite a few blog posts of these guys in the wild it looks l can share a project that I am very excited about, my poster for the upcoming stop motion film, ParaNorman!

A few weeks back the team behind ParaNorman approached Mondo to commission several of their artists to create a series of promotional posters, and luckily I was one of those artists. As I am now finding out, the plan is to adhere these posters across the walls of major cities in such a way that people walking by are free to grab them and take them home, tweet about them, blog about them, sell them on ebay...ect. It's nice to see a viral marketing campaign that is not only honest and interesting, but generous as well.

I give a big thanks to Mondo and the people behind ParaNorman for bringing me in on the project, definitely one of the funnest things I have worked on.

Be sure to check out to see the other posters in the series (they all rule honestly, the line up is insane) and good luck finding one of these on the streets!


  1. just saw a nice double wall of these posters in hollywood today. Sweet job man!

  2. SInce the big city is so far away, any chance your print will be for sale anywhere?

  3. Dope poster!! Just saw the flick and came across this via Kevin Tong and the streets of Berkeley, ca.